• Dimension: 28 x 14.8 x 5.1mm
  • Capacity: 8 GB
  • Plug and Play: Yes
  • Support OTG Device: Yes, no additional cable required
  • Micro-USB: Yes, USB 2.0, Micro Type B
  • Standard USB: Yes, USB 2.0, Standard Type A
  • Android: Yes, with OTG-enabled devices
  • Windows: Yes, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Mac OS: Yes, Mac OS X


Say goodbye to card reader. Tronton SmartDrive OTG built with dual connectors. It embeded micro-usb on one side and USB 2.0 standard connector on the other. File Transfers can never be so easy with Tronton SmartDrive OTG, now you can transfer photos, music, videos, and other files to your PC or Mac computer to clear up your mobile device’s storage space.

Easy to use
Optimized for Android smartphones and tablets, Tronton SmartDrive OTG is a is a “plug-and-play” device that is automatically detected when it is connected to a compatible Android smartphone, tablet or computer for your immediate use.

The Tronton SmartDrive OTG is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets and with PCs running Windows® XP, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8 or Mac computers running Mac OS X. No driver needed for computer.


Tronton created this high quality and sophisticated smartdrive with the cooperation of Taiwan Phison (The world’s first USB flash memory controller chip manufacturer) and Toshiba (Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer).

Tronton SmartDrive provides an easy sharing external storage for user to store more photos, videos and songs and share it among friends and relatives. Besides releasing more storage space for the user’s mobile device, it also allows the device to run more smoothly. This leads to better user experience and live up to Tronton SmartDrive’s name as “anti-crash device”.

One of Tronton SmartDrive’s high compatibility characteristics is its dual-interface design which consists of MicroUSB interface and USB interface. This allows user to easily transfer data between any OTG Supported Android Devices such as smartphones, tablets and even computers without card reader or usb cables.


在与台湾群联电子(Phison – 全球首颗USB快闪记忆体控制晶片制造商)和日本东芝(Toshiba – 日本最大半导体制造商)的合作下,Tronton 打造这款体积小巧、兼容性高、品质精致的智能闪存盘。

Tronton SmartDriveTM (智能闪存盘)轻松实现外接储存共享,能高效地为用户的移动设备释放更多的储存空间,不但可以让移动设备运行得更顺畅,也让用户安心无忧地储存更多的照片、视频和歌曲。间接地为移动设备解决当机的问题,为用户带来更好的体验和欢乐,实至名归称为“防当机神器”!(Tronton SmartDriveTM)

高兼容性的特点,在于其具有双接口设计,同时拥有Micro-USB接口和 USB接口,让用户在无需任何读卡器和数据线的情况下,可更轻松、更容易、更快速地在任何支持OTG的安卓(Android)智能手机、平板电脑和电脑之间互相传输文件和数据。


Tronton SmartDrive OTG

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